A Clear Vision for Building Partnerships

By Candice Rogers

We are so excited to welcome you to Paladin Digital and Technical Services (aka Paladin DTS), a new standalone venture that focuses on the testing and BIM capabilities we’ve been developing over the past few years at Paladin, Inc. Driven in large part by David Burk’s longtime passion for field testing, our high tech solutions have become increasingly useful for building owners who want to answer questions like “how long will this equipment last?” or “why can’t we keep this one room cool?” without tearing their buildings apart.

Paladin DTS was created to energize collaboration with architects, engineers and builders, across the American Southeast.

The building blocks of our high tech approach are essential to delivering buildings that open on schedule, functioning as designed and desired. They include:

  • BIM Coordination and 3D Scanning: effective clash detection and code-compliant conflict resolution.
  • Field Testing: comprehensive field QA and diagnostic testing of building envelope and MEP systems.
  • Technical Services: custom services ranging from technical procurement and documentation to conditional assessments, maintenance programs, and owner training.

At the end of the day, we exist to partner with companies who need a competitive edge in the buildings they design, engineer, build and manage. Please take time to check out our website then email us to continue the conversation that leads to our engagement and your success.

Let’s go do great things together,

Candice Burks Rogers