About Us

Letter From The President

If you’re wondering why my brother, David Burks, and I created Paladin DTS, it’s because we got tired of hearing contractors and building operators say “I just wish we’d known…” In the gaps between standard design documents, operating guides, and general know-how, critical questions linger and hamstring contractors and operators. So we launched this venture as a project partner that supports contractors and operators with quality information accurately discovered and clearly presented.

Today, there are so many technology options that the very tools intended to save you time and money simply become a confusing avalanche of disconnected options. We have mastered those complex tools so you don’t have to spend the time and develop the headaches. We leverage them on your behalf to shrink the information gap between issues and what’s necessary to solve them.

We’ve built Paladin DTS on our commitment to being more than a source of documentation. We exist to clarify your reality with detailed testing then provide a path forward with solutions and follow through. Our top-of-field experts in both the tools and the building sciences will help change your “I wish we had known…” into “I’m sure glad we knew…”

Candice Rogers

Paladin DTS Game Changer

There is something truly special about life on the Paladin DTS team that goes beyond our high-quality benefits and competitive compensation. Our culture of integrity, innovation and inspiration is focused on a clear goal and enriched by our willingness to listen. If the chance to apply time-tested concepts to new ideas and see them lead to long-term client satisfaction appeals to you, membership on the Paladin team just might be in your future. Contact us