Building clarity


Buildings shouldn’t be unpredictable or mysterious. You have important questions about your building, ranging from “how long will this equipment last?” to “why can’t we keep this room cool?” Paladin DTS answers them with our cutting edge technology, established processes and field services. We make the unknowns about your building and your project known.

We bridge the gaps between design and construction

giving you confidence to make things happen

Hindsight in advance

Not only do we use BIM Coordination, 3-D imagery, and field testing to identify problems, Paladin DTS works with your team to identify and solve issues in advance so you can keep building.  

The multi-tool

Paladin DTS is like a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, the extra set of tools you need to truly know and operate your building. We provide the technical information you need to keep your building and its systems running right.

Not just documents – solutions

Documentation is great, but useless if it sits unused in a stack of binders or server folders. Paladin DTS provides the data you need in a usable format with insights and instructions your whole team can use.



BIM Coordination and 3D Scanning

Using the latest technologies and proven processes, we get you the information ahead of time to guide the best choices in the field.

Field Testing

Leverage our expertise in building envelope and building systems testing to confirm system performance, troubleshoot issues, and ultimately manage your risk.

Technical Services

When clarity to your building challenge isn’t found with testing and coordination, Paladin DTS’s technical services can find the answer.

Paladin, Inc.

Should your project need Engineering or Commissioning services, our sister company, Paladin, Inc. can provide solutions to keep your team moving forward.

Case Studies

We love it when our clients crush a challenge

Designers and Architects are building in a 3D world. While design models get you to 75% prepared, our construction models bring all the details together.

This has quickly become a pre-req for good building construction and management. It’s all made possible with the latest technology.

Frederick Douglass High School

Frederick Douglass High School

Concerned about energy efficiency of the new high school, Fayette County Public Schools sought to verify the building envelope performance during new construction.
Parkwest Surgery Bed Tower

Parkwest Surgery Bed Tower

This project was an addition and renovation of an existing, in operation hospital. Space constraints in the existing portion of the facility were design and construction challenges.

Here’s what others say about us

The sounds of people who got the right answers at the right time.

“I believe Building Information Modeling is an extraordinary asset to the company, as well as time saving for the installers. From Coordination Meetings and Communication during the BIM process, all trades were able to evaluate any clashes prior to installation. As for Engert LLC on the Parkwest Medical Expansion, we were able to install HVAC Ductwork and Equipment, Med Gas Piping, Plumbing &
Mechanical Pipe at specific elevations and precise measurements, provided by Paladin.”

Chad Hurley

Engert LLC, Knoxville, TN

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